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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Summer so Far - Tottenham

I promise I will be nice when I talk about Tottenham, something difficult for an Arsenal fan of course, but I will try.

It's going to be an interesting summer for Spurs and especially for their supporters after failing to make it into the top 4 and book a second successive Champions League campaign. It's now time for Daniel Levy to show the supporters that they are a club that wants success and wants to get back into the top 4. He needs to prove this by investment and to keep hold of their biggest stars, which I have to admit is going to be tricky. Players now a days want to play in the worlds elite competition, the Champions League, and after getting this opportunity during the last season, Spurs players know they will have to at least wait another year to have that feeling again. For their top stars like Gareth Bale and Luka Modric that can be tough.

Modric is causing quite a stir at the moment and it is looking very likely that he will be moving on, probably to Chelsea. He has spoken out how an agreement was in place with Daniel Levy over his future when he signed for the club. Mr Levy by the sound of it has not dealt with this situation particularly well and has left Modric wanting out of the club. Not a good start to the summer for player relations and I'm sure it will upset Spurs fan's. What are your views? Spurs fan's I would love to hear from you.

The first signing for Spurs is a very good one. Brad Friedel a proven Premier League keeper, and although age isn't on his side, he is still top quality. The goalkeeping position was certainly the main problem area for Spurs last season and I believe they have helped solve it for the forthcoming season at least. Gomes should be prepared to sit on the bench for a lot of the season. They are putting their rival club, Arsenal, behind on the goalkeeping situation.
Question for Spurs fan's, what other signings do you believe would be realistic to tackle the top 4 next season?


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  2. I like the news out of Real, leaving Lassana Diarra off the list of players touring the states in the summer. I thought he was extremely underutilized in the last few CL matches. He has a good history with Harry already. We need to stay healthy in the back, which is already seeming to be a magic trick away from reality. With Keane and Defoe looking like they're on their way out, I'd love to hear something other than rumors of class strikers who'll replace them. In Harry I Trust.

  3. Couldn't agree more with you. Harry has a lot of work to do during the summer, but this is what he so well known for, his wheeling and dealing in the transfer market. A striker is a must, and some injury free centre back and a right back I would say would help. Be interesting to see who he lure to the Lane, especially when it seems like Spurs are competing with Arsenal for literally every player being mentioned! Diarra would be a good signing, but for me not the essential area of the field that needs strengthening. Watch this space hey...