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Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Background in Football


Finally I have set up a blog to chat about football and specifically the happenings of the English Premier League. I will talk about my views on all team issues, recent news and gossip and to include fan's perspectives on recent events surrounding the football world and the Premier League.

I welcome all comments made on this blog, whether positive or negative and I will never slam anyone elses views on matters, as this is why we all love to debate the game of football.

There will be talk of transfers, referees, injuries, managers, players, you name it, if its being debated, it will be talked about on this blog.

Lastly I thought its important to let you know more about my knowledge in the game. So, I am an Arsenal fan (sorry if that offends some), I have been playing the game for 22 years. I have been a football coach for 11 years and studied sports development with coaching at Sheffield Hallam University where I was awarded a bachelor of science after writing a dissertation on grassroots football. I read numerous websites, papers and magazines daily and have a pure passion for the game.

I hope you all enjoy.

James Green

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