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Saturday, 9 July 2011

The summer so far - Arsenal

Oh Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal. As you will very quickly begin to realise this is the team I support. Now, I will try and be as down the middle as possible throughout my posts and will try extremely hard to show no bit of bias what-so-ever.

The summer for Arsenal is the same every single time, with our biggest stars being linked with moves away from the club. First it was Patrick Vieira, then Thierry Henry, and now the on going Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona saga. But this summer it doesn't end there! Samir Nasri has joined the on going transfer saga that the fan's absolutely loathe season after season. Now the best, most honest report that I have read so far has been by Ian Wright in the Sun this past week. He stated the worry of every single Arsenal fan that we are becoming a feeder club to Man City! Toure, Adebayor and now Gael Clichy, and they have been heavily linked to Nasri and also Fabregas. The club are showing a lack of much needed ambition and investment.

My views on Gael Clichy - he is a good Premier League left back and a few seasons ago really shone through. He was a great Arsene Wenger acquisition who quickly replaced Ashley Cole with some very consistent performances which led to him being named in the 2007/2008 Premier League team of the year. But since then he has been a shadow of his former self, putting in very inadequate performances, at fault for key goals last season including Champions league games which meant we were runners up in our group. He has created very little in the last few seasons and the stats back that up. So, I believe he won't be missed at Arsenal and its time Kieron Gibbs steps up to the plate. Will he succeed at Man City though? Only time will tell.

The Fabregas saga is something that gets every Arsenal fan's blood boiling. A talented player, but where is his heart? Its at his former club Barcelona, where his friends play and with a team that consistently Win's trophies. Fitness wise he has been struggling, form wise he has been struggling, and like Clichy, was at fault in the big games in the Champions League. HOWEVER, he is still an extremely creative player and whatever any Arsenal fan's say, he is a huge player for the club and to drive the club forward. Arsenal cannot keep letting promising players leave the club, whatever the situation and Fabregas is no different. But do you want a player there who's heart is not 100% in it? No, is what I can imagine most people's responses would be. It is one subject with much debate, what are your views?

Finally we have Samir Nasri. What a fantastic half season he had! True consistency! (apologies for the sarcasm - and he did have a brilliant half season). His wage demands are insane, coming to an end of his contract and turning down £100,000 a week! But with talk of Man Utd offering £20 million for a player with just a year left on his contract what do you do? Well as an Arsenal fan, you should never sell your good players to rival clubs, whatever the situation. We need to keep Nasri at the club, he is young, creative and will be a top top player.

Many many questions for Arsenal fan's and football fan's alike to discuss. Do you think Fabregas and Nasri will stay? Will just one go? Let me know your views.

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