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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Carlos Tevez "Breaking News"

I thought I would get in there quickly as I have just found out that Manchester City have accepted a bid from Brazilian side Corinthians for Carlos Tevez. This fee is apparently £39 million. You may have read my piece a week a go on Manchester City and I mentioned the Carlos Tevez affair and like many did not believe Corinthians could even come close to a fee that has been agreed. I stand corrected, as through television revenue they are putting it all in for the return of Tevez to his former club.

Shocked? Yes at Corinthians coming up with the transfer fee. Surprised? No. In football expect the unexpected and this is certainly one of these situations. It will be a big blow to the Premier League though, as he is a fantastic player, a true work horse and one I have to say I love watching play. Whatever you think of the man, I will never forget his amazing end to his last season at West Ham where he practically saved the club from relegation on his own in the 2006/2007 season.

Now, theoretically this should be it with this transfer and nothing should hold it up. If Tevez is serious about returning to South America to be closer to his family, then he "should" quite happily take a pay cut to achieve this. He is currently on £150,000 a week at Man City and I certainly do not expect this to be the case at Corinthians. Will it go smoothly? Watch this space, as Tevez has a little bit of a reputation to want a bit more money, so we shall see....

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