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Friday, 18 May 2012

What an Unpredictable Premier League season

What a season that was in the Premier League! By far the most exciting season for many years. So much at stake and so much going down to the wire and the last game of the season. The Championship, European places and Relegation all coming down to the final games and as we all saw, the final seconds. A truly amazing season that like many fans, I feel so happy to have witnessed it all.

First off though I thought it was time I review the final league positions to my pre season predictions. I wish I could lie and edit my league predictions, but I won't and I was so far off it was untrue!!! Have a see for yourselves:


1. Manchester City.....(Manchester United)
2. Manchester United...(Chelsea)
3. Arsenal.............(Manchester City)
4. Tottenham...........(Arsenal)
5. Newcastle...........(Liverpool)
6. Chelsea.............(Tottenham)
7. Everton.............(Sunderland)
8. Liverpool...........(Everton)
9. Fulham..............(Fulham)
10. West Brom...........(Bolton)
11. Swansea.............(Stoke)
12. Norwich.............(West Brom)
13. Sunderland..........(Aston Villa)
14. Stoke...............(Blackburn)
15. Wigan...............(Wolves)
16. Aston Villa.........(Newcastle)
17. QPR.................(QPR)
18. Bolton..............(Swansea)
19. Blackburn...........(Wigan)
20. Wolves..............(Norwich)

I only got 2 matching positions, that of Fulham in 9th and QPR in 17th. Pre season I truly believed that my preictions were going to come very close, but the performances of the promoted teams, especially Swansea and Norwich really helped transform this years premier league. This is shown in the relegation of 3 established Premier League teams going down and no promoted teams suffering the drop.

One of the other notable errors was Newcastle United. I really thought they would struggle this year, as did so many fans and pundits, but they surprised everyone and had a fantastic season to finish 5th. This to me completely justifies Alan Pardew winning the Manager of the Year award. Not a manager I particularly like too much, but he has certainly turned my opinions with some shrewd business this season with the acquisition of Cabaye, Tiote, Ba and Cisse.

The top of the table I did not believe Manchester City were ready to win the league due to their participation in the Champions League. It takes so much out of teams to compete on all fronts. What happened was City dropped out at the group stages of the Champions League and concentrated on the league and their fantastic squad held up well. I was impressed with how quickly Mancini has built the City team up to win the Premier League. It shows that he really is a high quality manager.

Chelsea were the big surprise in the league, ultimately down to an ageing squad and the managerial issues in my opinion. It just didnt work for AVB unfortunately, probably due to the established stars in the team and the age of those stars too. Too much player power. Plus, he is still a very inexperienced manager and the pressures of the Premier League are extreme. Though Chelsea had great cup runs, winning the FA Cup and have the Champions League final to look forward too, which is an incredible achievement.

The race for the Champions League places went down to the wire too. So many teams had control of that position it seemed, but couldn't cross the finish line. Chelsea, Arsenal, Newcastle and Tottenham were all competing this season. Arsenal seemed dead and buried at the start, but Robin Van Persie kept them in touching distance all season and the gunners will all be thankful for his achievements this year (I certainly am). Tottenham unfortunately are lacking some no how at the top of the Premier League. They have a good manager, a great team, but their are very few players who have been near the top of the league. Only Gallas and Adebayor spring to mind. More experienced quality players are needed for Spurs to push that bit further next season.

Overall what an incredible season! A review of this incredible season could go on and on. The failings of Liverpool, the relegation of Bolton and Blackburn specifically. Just shocks throughout the season. But for me, its been truly fantastic. The promoted teams have added so much quality to the league, that I cannot wait until next season!!!!

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