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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Paul Scholes has finally found his voice

Paul Scholes has always been known as one of the quietest players in the game. You rarely saw him in interviews, or read an interview from him. He was never in the tabloids for any wrong doing, or right doing for that matter. Just a quiet type, which in today's society I have to say at times it was quite refreshing. A humble guy off the field, who put his family before anything else.

But now Paul Scholes is retired...

Since his announcement, I have been amazed how many interviews I have read from him, and how expressive he has become with his views. He is certainly "Mr Man Utd" and has a fierce dislike for all their rivals, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City. He spoke out recently about the interest United had shown in Arsenal's Samir Nasri, claiming that he should leave a club that's not moving forward and saying all negative things about Arsenal and the way the club is run. I find it fascinating how a player so quiet retires from his playing career and finds this voice out of no where, and more importantly in not a very respectful manner either.

It hasn't ended there though. In a recent interview with ESPN, he started talking down the English National team, saying it was "laughable" to consider them as even contenders for the next world cup, because so many of the squad are playing for a move to a bigger club. Every single player wants to move to a big club, so why wouldn't they want to play well during an International game to attract further interest? Has Scholes spoken to these players? Does he know that that's the only reason why they play for their country? Who are these players?
This makes me angry that a player who retires from Internationals at just 29 years of age to concentrate and prolong his club career, has a negative opinion like this. Contradictory slightly? Well, I believe so. He has put more importance on his club than his country, no?

My advise to Mr Scholes is to either keep that opinion to himself, or instead of hiding behind small comments, why doesn't he come out and name these players? Go the full Monty. Maybe he is right? But for everyone reading these constant negative comments, it seems like he is just frustrated with life without playing anymore and taking it out on anybody else.

What are your views? Let me know


  1. Paul Scholes is a great man and human being.

  2. I am not denying that he is at all, just finding it strange to see that he waited this long to finally find his voice and to speak up about everything. Maybe that was the right way to deal with all his issues, so it didn't affect his playing