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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Cesc Fabregas - When will this saga end!

This story has been going on for now a couple of years and seriously needs to end either way now. Enough is enough for the long suffering Arsenal fan's to deal with and this whole situation needs closure

A month a go I wrote about Arsenal's prospects this year and in this section I talked about the Fabregas saga. I cannot believe that a month later and the situation still hasn't changed. Arsenal not willing to sell him for anything lower than £40 million. Barcelona not willing to pay that. Fabregas wanting to go to Barcelona. And Arsenal fan's not knowing what is going on with their "club captain".

With Arsene Wenger coming out and saying that Fabregas is "not focused on the club", this for me is a total lack of respect from Fabregas and he has gone back on his word about always focusing on his club despite any speculation linking him to other clubs. For me, as an Arsenal fan, I believe he needs to go now and we as a club need to move on from him, just like we had to do with Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry. Players like Jack Wilshire and Aaron Ramsey are the future and a fit Robin Van Persie can seriously lead Arsenal to some success. It's time for a new re-building stage as we all know the last 6 years have resulted in no trophies and the crop of players unfortunately haven't been good enough to win the title.

Arsenal need a focused team to be able to challenge this year, and players like Fabregas staying at the club could be detrimental to the future teams efforts.

But let's see in another month if this saga ever ends.

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  1. I agree, how can anyone in that locker room follow him through the tunnel, even less the brick wall that is a full season in the EPL. Imagine a second round match in the CL against Barca, what's left of Rupert's Rags would make it unbearable for the week before, between, and after. On the bright side Gervinho looks like a fantastic signing so far, so there won't be any shortage of goals coming from the Emirates. Sell him and use the money to shore up the glaring weaknesses in the backfield or 5th place might seem at year's end as an accomplishment.