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Monday, 29 August 2011

The Arsenal 8 vs 2 defeat Post Mortem

Unfortunately it is very difficult to hold back my feelings on the Arsenal performance and situation for this blog and to be completely calm and neutral about it. So, I have decided to just hold nothing back and let my true feelings come out.

Those fan's who seriously believe Arsene should go, really don't know too much about the affects of manager change on a club. It would be a disaster to change the manager now. Now I am a huge Wenger fan, and I am not defending him in this situation, please believe me. He is making mistakes, and he needs to come through with these promises of new experienced signings as promised at the back end of last season. However, sacking him now is not the answer. It would be like kicking someone whilst they are on the floor, something that you should never do.

Let's start looking at our ageing out of date board who need to go! This is the main problem with the club right now trust me! They are slowing every deal up, they are the ones who don't want to pay the money for players that we need. SACK THE BOARD. It is needed. And what of our new owner, Mr Kroenke? We as Arsenal fan's have heard nothing from him, seen nothing new of him, and wonder to ourselves what on earth he is doing at the club? He is not a fan, he has no heart in the club and quite simply is only looking for profits of his investment.

I think the whole of Arsenal had lost this game before the kick off. The shock in the team sheet and the lack of quality and experience was extremely worrying. But that is no excuse for losing 8 vs. 2 and showing no fight and heart in a performance that lacked everything. There was no game plan, no defensive cohesion, no tactics, no leadership and worryingly no management. If a struggle to qualify for the Champions League, something that I actually said afterwards may not have been the best thing for the club this season (which sounds insane to think, right?), was a wake up call to the manager, then this is like someone is violently shaking Arsene to make changes in the squad.

Rosicky????? Are you being serious! What a disgrace of a player, no heart, no fight and his behaviour when that free kick was taken is truly frightening. He was in the wall and never once turned round after the ball was kicked by Rooney. If the keeper had saved it and pushed it out, he was walking away from the goal not paying any attention to what was going on. His performances have been abysmal, and that's being kind. What worries me the most about Rosicky is that he is a senior member of the team, one that young players look up to. Shocking.

Johan Djourou! Where do I start? In parts last year he was showing massive improvements, particularly remember against Chelsea last year. BUT now he is the most error prone defender in the premier league. This is no exaggeration, just look at the goals we have conceded, 5 of which are down to his poor commitment and more importantly shocking decision making! He was at fault for so many goals, by making basic errors that you wouldn't find in kids football. I am being kind in this piece about him because there is so much more I can say about this second rate defender.

The full backs! Traore never has been good enough, still isn't even after all his loan spells. And poor Jenkinson. Yes, he had no protection from anyone around him, but my word he is a million miles away from being an Arsenal player. He lacks pace and another with shocking decision making. He was playing non league football in December and then straight into the Arsenal team at Old Trafford. Poor management Arsene, this kid is not ready, and I do not believe he is showing signs that he is anywhere good enough for premier league football.

Wenger failed in his lack of game plan, and left our full backs exposed. Walcott and Arshavin had to play deeper and our key should of been protection. We needed to squeeze the ball more, but we let them play through midfield, which allowed those easy balls over the top and in behind our league 2 defence.

Only positives were Ramsey, who on the ball is showing massive improvements. And I though Coquelin on his debut was very impressive. He worked hard, he ran, he tackled and gave his all, something the experienced players around him didn't.

Where to go from here! Scary times when you hear Wenger refusing to admit we need to buy, making every Arsenal fan gulp. After yesterday a Full back is a new priority in my book, and with Jag's ability to play along the back line, he would be essential, just please Arsenal pay the money!!! Cahill in as well no question. Arsenal should do everything they can to prize Kaka from Madrid (he is rotting on their bench) and sign Eden Hazard from Lille. It means investing every bit of money available and the board finally adjusting the wage bill.

A note to the best performance from Arsenal yesterday was the amazing support of the fans, who did not stop singing throughout.

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